About Us

Elite Sports Academy is a multi-faceted sports academy which specializes in all core primary school sports in the school curriculum. The program emphasizes on key aspects and skills in order to ensure they are prepared for the upcoming season. 

  • Cricket

  • Rugby

  • Soccer

  • Hockey

Group Clinic Sessions Every Friday 15:00 – 16:30

Cost R250.00 Per Session

Private Coaching Available On Master Class Options

Please Fill Out The Inquiry Form Or Contact On 0791916563

Cost R350.00 Per Session

The program focuses on the fundamentals as well as additional skills for the upcoming season of the various sports in the curriculum. The academy serves as a preseason to ensure that our participants go into their trials of the in season sport with confidence and a significant improvement in their skills and understanding.

Our goal at Elite Sports Academy is to encourage and develop well rounded sportsmen across all fields.