Elite Sports Academy Cricket focuses on all the key aspects of training and skills development to promote the growth of all those participating in our program. We use the latest and most innovative techniques to ensure that our participants remain engaged in a proactive learning environment.

Batting – our batting program along with our coach’s expertise, focus on the practical application of our sessions in matches to ensure our batsmen are confident in their abilities and assist them with a game plan according to their strengths,all whilst polishing areas to improve their overall game.

Bowling – our bowling programs cater for all ages from personalized drills, to video analysis, fine tuning bowling actions and helping nurture quality fast bowlers and spin kings.

Fielding – as we know, fielding has become an important aspect in the game of cricket, so we at Elite, have conjured up some innovative training drills and techniques to help improve on

Hand eye co ordination
Throwing technique
Decision making

Our cricket programs are available for Private Coaching and Group Clinic sessions.


Our Elite Sports Academy Rugby program has been designed and implemented to kick start and continually develop, rugby skills, rugby conditioning, positional understanding and correct rugby techniques. The game of rugby is continually evolving, so we have constructed a private coaching masterclass for various positions to fast track improvement in our participants overall game

Scrum and line out masterclass
Passing and ball skill masterclass
Kicking technique
Kicking for poles and positional play
Tackling and strength conditioning masterclass

we avert from potential contact as far as possible in our drills as this is a preseason program designed to improve skill and technique

Our rugby programs are available in Private Coaching on our Masterclass options or Group Clinic sessions.


Our Soccer division at Elite has devised a training program to assist in the development and skills across all facets of the football pitch. The program will emphasise on conditioning and football skills in the preseason to ensure our participants are fully equipped come the football season.

Our Football Masterclass will comprise of:

Football strength and conditioning
Defensive and attacking patterns
Set piece Masterclass
Ball control Skills Masterclass
Goalkeeping Masterclass

Our Football sessions are available for Private Coaching on our masterclass options or Group Clinic Sessions.


Elite Sports Academy Hockey focuses on the primary skills and coordination to develop our hockey players exponentially by focusing on our tried and tested program to fast track their skill development. We are able to provide position specific drills to ensure that our participants go into the hockey season confident in their abilities to perform.

Our Hockey Masterclass consists of:

Shooting and Goal Awareness Masterclass
Defensive and Tackling Masterclass
Positional Play and Patterns
Passing and Ball Skill Masterclass
Fitness and Conditioning

Our Hockey sessions are available for Private Coaching on our masterclass options or our interactive Group Clinic Sessions.